Pitching Velocity Secrets From the Pros

Pitching VelocityPitching velocity secrets from the pros. There are actually many of posts on the internet titled something similar to this article, most of them are useless, given that they focus primarily on upper body mechanics as the only methods to developing velocity. Any hard thrower will show you, there is a lot more to velocity than just your arm. If you wish to see significant gains in velocity read this entire article plus the articles linked with it. The only way you are going to see improvements, is if you develop a good perception of how velocity is made.

Should you be like most every pitcher who reads these tips and benefits from them, in which case you must purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. This system, built on the following tips and more, will let you take your skill to a level that you simply never thought you could attain!

Remember that you are bound by nothing. You have the capacity to throw 90 mph. Doctors informed me I would be unable to pitch again and I proved them entirely wrong. These tips will help you do the same. Continue reading

Strength Maintenance and Pitching program During Season

Strength Maintenance and Pitching program During SeasonNearly all developing pitchers at the moment do not have much of an off season thanks to the rise in popularity of travel teams and the mix of prep, summer and fall leagues. This has caused a rise in elbow and shoulder injuries at a early age for pitchers who are not allowing themselves an off season to recover and rebuild. I became a victim of this pattern during my own career. I received a career ending shoulder injury at 18 to repair a destroyed rotator cuff right after my first college appearance. The 3 common issues contributing to my tear, the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), lead by the famous Dr. James Andrews, has defined as the reason for the rise in elbow and shoulder injuries in youth pitchers inside their Position Statement released in 2011. Continue reading